Friday, October 27, 2017


Renewing Your Mind: A Mindset Book For Spiritual Warfare And Victorious Living

"Mindset" is one of the latest buzz words in the coaching industry and for good reason. Your mindset controls everything you do and more importantly everything you have manifested to this point in your life.

Look around you. Do you want to change it? If so, you can.

“Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2) This mindset book will transform you from the inside out.

  •  Tips for a More Fruitful Prayer Life
  • Step by Step Action Strategies based on scripture
  • Daily Faith Action Check List
  • Personal Testimony
  • A Daily Faith Accountability Checklist

You can makeover your life by renewing your Spiritual growth mindset. In fact, renewing your mind is the key to your success now and forever. A faithful fixed mindset is the Substance of Your transformation and ultimately your victory. Establish a fixed mindset built on the foundation of the Gospel of Christ. Renewing your mind will give you access to spiritual steps to take in order to overcome your toughest obstacles and life struggles.

This mindset book is a great tool and encourages:

  • Less fear and worry and more faith and self confidence 
  • A Spiritual growth mentality 
  • A Mindset for Learning Biblical Principles 
  • Daily action strategies and ways to renew your mind 

Did you know that a faith mindset that will transform thought processes in the time of crisis. 
You will begin to live Isaiah 54:17, that promises "no weapon formed shall prosper against you".

Faith in Jesus Christ and the power of prayer are foundations for spiritual success and living a victorious life. This mindset book includes verses on faith, prayer, spiritual warfare, and how to live by faith.

The key to living in this promise is walking by faith and developing a strong spiritual growth mindset. Renewing your mind is the key to realizing the true power of your faith

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Renewing Your Mind: A Mindset Book For Spiritual Warfare And Victorious Living

Monday, October 23, 2017

Free Ebook Notification Faith Without Works Is Dead: The Power of Prayer Mixed With Demonstrations of Faith

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Faith Without Works Is Dead: The Power of Prayer Mixed With Demonstrations of Faith

Description This book is inspirational and motivational. You want to be a prayer warrior. You want get results. But something isn't working. Even though you've prayed scripture and chosen your words wisely, you still aren't getting results. The words you speak are vitally important. But so is the action that you take afterwards. We all know, "Faith without works is dead," but we too often forget that activating our faith requires a bit of action on our part. We have to do something.And its important that we do the right things.Quick and easy read. Inspiring pages of inspirational quotes, christian humor, and true personal testimonies. Learn from biblical examples how to pray and declare what God says and then get up and take action. Learn to replace your negative self-talk with positive Faith talk. Declare favor over your life and then get up and take hold of it! This book can be used as a daily devotional. It will help you focus your faith and take action to get results and change your life. God Bless!