Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Best Book Ever Releases In Two Weeks!

Deliver Me From Negative Self-Talk Expanded Edition: A Guide to Speaking Faith-Filled Words

Okay, as you can tell I'm a little  excited. Here's the update:

The expanded 245 page version entitled Deliver Me From Negative Self Talk (Expanded Edition) releases on December 15, 2015, less than two weeks from now!

The original is still a bestseller on Amazon- Thank you for the sharing, posting, and supporting. You are the reason the expanded edition has manifested.

The realization of this project is a prime example of what the book discusses:

Meditation + Declaration = Manifestation.

I've meditated on becoming a bestselling Author for years. Visualizing my books on store shelves and airport kiosks. Now its here.

The writing, editing, and preparation process has taken over a year but it seems like yesterday. God is so faithful and its worth the wait to see the finished product. The Destiny team has been patient and helpful  throughout the process. I enjoyed working with them to make this dream a reality.

It was fun, but this pooped mommy is glad its done. I can relax and enjoy the remainder of the holidays. I'm grateful for the experience and ready for the world to enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed receiving and writing the inspiration.

Soon you will see some of the graphics created by Destiny Image media department. Thursday I received the media kit via email Friday and its great. I posted one of the memes on the Facebook page yesterday.

I pray God will expand the territory of Deliver Me From Negative Self-Talk Expanded Edition: A Guide to Speaking Faith-Filled Words and place it in the hands of millions of people who desire to live a peaceful, faithful life free from the bondage of negative thinking. So that their life is a blessed testimony and others will witness change and know that God is truly an awesome God.

Thank you to those of you who joined the Advance Reader Group to assist with the book launch. I hope you're enjoying the book and look forward to reading your reviews. Remember, you will be able to post them on Amazon on the release day. Note: You can also put those same reviews on other sites like Barnes and Nobles, and

Thank you again. Your reviews are going to be such a blessing. Your review will help other book browsers decide to check out the book.

If you like reading inspirational wisdom, get a copy. If you want to live a more positive and productive life, get a copy. If you just want to feel better than you feel right now, get a copy.

God Bless!


  1. Great! I can not wait for the release!
    All you books help me so much with my negative emotions!
    When the devil is pounding me, i can refer back and get lifted.
    God bless you and your ministry!

  2. Bless you Susan!! I thank God for your love and support.