Friday, September 18, 2015

Lynn R Davis Books: Hello guys. I have begun a new site for the Self T...

Lynn R Davis Books: Hello guys. I have begun a new site for the Self T...: Hello guys. I have begun a new site for the Self Talk Book . You can find it here at Thank you all for your love and t...
Hello guys. I have begun a new site for the Self Talk Book. You can find it here at

Thank you all for your love and the support you've shown me. I get so inspired and encouraged by your emails and notes and even the reviews that I've been reading. I've met some really great people on social media that I now consider friends.

They are taking the message of Deliver Me From Negative Self Talk and running with it. It blesses me so much to hear how this new expanded self talk book is blessing their lives and helping them to grow and develop spiritually.

God is really emphasizing the message of positive thinking and self talk in the body of Christ. Too many of us (myself included) have been to free with the thoughts we think and the words we speak. I think God wants us to really get the message that we are holding ourselves back from breakthrough and blessing because we are being careless with our minds, mouths and hearts. We think it so we say it. We feel it so we communicate it. We think it so we believe it. We need to be more intentional with what we think. We need to line our thoughts and words up with God's word.

The Expanded Edition of Deliver Me From Negative Self Talk is going to cover all of this in depth. Its a message of hope, inspired by God. Its practically finished. The final polishing is coming along very well. I've collected endorsements from some great folks who were gracious enough to volunteer their time to read the preview copy and provide feedback for the book jacket.

I'm grateful for those who agreed to provide comments. They've never met me in person, but spiritually we are connected. I'm thankful for their willingness to support this work. God has really brought some wonderful people into my life who genuinely are happy for my success and support me, sometimes without my even knowing. I love that. God is awesome!

We're in the final stages. December 15th is just around the corner. I'm working on the new website so that I can have a nice new home for posts; future videos; and reader interaction. The current original negative self talk work is still available. I've set the price at 0.99. I think this will give people the opportunity to see if the message is for them.

It's exciting to see how the traditional publishing process works. I've always imagined what it would be like, now I know. This is just my first book and I believe there are many more to come. I'm enjoying writing personal development books. I don't see that changing. But God always has a plan and whatever He says, I will do.

It's been fantastic having the expertise of a successful publishing house to support my work. Everyone at Destiny has been nice, helpful and very patient. I'm more than pleased with the finished product. And I know that the final touches will make it shine even more. Deliver Me From Negative Self Talk is a Bestselling book. I'm claiming it. Once you've read it, please leave your review and then share it on social media; tell others about it; spread the message -"God wants us to stay positive."

The traditional publishing  seems a bit long but that's because I am used to the Indie world where things move really fast and you control each phase. We started this process about a year ago. Around September 2014, I believe. So the excitement has been mounting for a while. 

Thank you all again. God has helped me realize my dream of becoming published author through your support. I can't thank you enough. If you have a dream, please pursue it. Let God lead you. He will open the doors and bring you into the company of the people who can help you. That's what He did for me. And He doesn't play favorites. He will do it for you.

I hope you enjoy the expanded edition  of the new book as much as you have the first version. Stop by the new Negative Self Talk Book site and say hello. It's late here in Texas and my eyelids are starting to droop (smile). Talk with you again soon :-)

God bless friends!